Sunday, May 20, 2007

II. A Year From Now...& Tea

a. A Year From Now

This is one of the scariest thoughts I have. My senior year will be just about over (waterproof mascara anyone?) and I'll know what I will be doing with at least the next couple years of my life. I have to make the decision of going to either a state school or to a junior college and then transfer to a different school (I'm leaning torwards this one because my dream school is a lot of money and I wouldn't be able to get into it right now). Even though option 2 sounds great, I would be missing out on that freshman dorm experience that I have always wanted (but, with option 2, I could live with some of my good friends b/c the junior college is free for me).
b. Tea

I love tea. Green, Black, Red, & White...I like most teas. Of course I have my favorites; Rose Petal tea tops the list. (Its a type of Black Tea). Two things to reccomend to tea-learners and tea-lovers: & Planet Tea is a brief but very informative site about tea. It covers everything from it's origins to how to brew it and what types there are and where theyre from. Republic of Tea is a great brand for those of us who like fruity teas. I, myself, only own two types of their teas, but it's great when youre in the mood to just get out a tea bag and have some fun tea. If your looking for something unique, I totally reccomend it

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I. My First

I've never done this before. It's almost scary!

For weeks now, I've been debating weather or not I should blog, and now I have finally started!

Tomarrow, bright and early, I will be leaving to see the musical Hair!

Well, thats my first blog. Trust me, it will get better, but I'm tired now and have to get off to bed.